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Texas A&M Sports Camp

FCA Sports Camps are for athletes and coaches who want to develop their athletic skills. Outstanding instruction, skill development and intense competition prepare the camper for future athlete competition. This is a Sport-Specific camp in which the camper selects one sport for the entire camp experience. 

Texas A&M Sports Camp 

July 1-4, 2018

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Sports offered:

  • Football

  • Men's & Women's Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Men's & Women's Soccer

  • Men's & Women's Cross Country

  • Baseball

Daily Schedule: 

  • Breakfast & Quiet Time
  • Chapel
  • Practice
  • Lunch
  • Huddle Meeting
  • Afternoon Competition
  • Clean Up & Rest
  • Dinner
  • Team Meeting
  • Snacks/Fellowship
  • Huddle Meeting
  • Lights Out